Whilst the majority of resident's in our homes are private, we do have many social services and NHS clients and contracts in place with both Torbay and Devon Social Services departments as well as a few more distant authorities. A few of our beds are within the fee levels that local authorities are able to meet, however most rooms are accessible with this contribution and a relatively modest top-up from private or family resources or a one-off payment to a care fees scheme.

If advice is needed on social security entitlements or help with financing - whether full private or top-up - we have contacts with Independent Financial Advisors who will provide expert, free advice on benefits and can offer a number of very effective, specialist schemes to meet fees. Remuneration to the Advisors for this advice is either by commission from the underwriting companies or on a fee basis. In addition, charities such as Help the Aged and Age UK (was Age Concern) provide similar services, also remunerated by commission. We can recommend a non-commission Advisor who will offer our clients free advice on entitlements. We receive no commission for any introductions.

We strongly recommend that you should take such advice