Accommodation, meals, personal toiletries, social care and laundry are all included in our weekly fees. We have our own commercial laundry which is compliant with Health Service specification HSG95(18). Our pure cotton bed linen is sent out to a professional laundry and dry cleaning may also be sent out at an additional cost to residents.

We have regular visits from an occupational therapist offering individual and group therapy including music and movement. We organise weekly activities and visits from local musicians and other entertainers through which we encourage residents to interact with one another as well as family and friends. We also organise trips to the theatre, tea rooms and cafes, the local shops and other places of interest. Suitable transport and qualified escorts are always provided for external trips but families are both welcome and encouraged to accompany their relatives. All of these activities are provided at no charge with the exception of theatre tickets and similar.

In addition to normal care procedures, we offer additional services in-house ranging from chiropody and hairdressing to aromatherapy and eye tests and are happy to arrange other services on request. The costs for these may be paid for out of patients personal cash accounts.

Where relatives may be unable to accompany residents to out-patient of other hospital or medical appointments we can arrange transportation as well as an escort by care staff. These arrangements will charged for at cost. Similarly newspapers and other periodicals may be ordered and will be delivered daily and charged to the patients cash account held by the administration office.