Key Information

Important Additional Key Information:
Trial Period

There will be a trial period of 4 weeks for any new resident when only 1 week’s notice will be required to be given by the home or the resident/ their representative. A refund will be issued within 14 days of departure.

Fair Price Increase Process

We will inform you and your representatives before implementing a change in your fees for the stated reasons and provide you with 28 days’ notice in writing (including the amount of any increase). The increase will take effect on the date notified unless, before that date, you give us 28 days’ notice to end this agreement.

Complaints Handling

Please see (here) for our complaints procedure.


Any complaint made directly to the company will be handled as follows:

  • Complaint received by management and acknowledged
  • Internal investigation including interviews and statement gathering
  • Response to complainant to either address and explain the matter and that no further action needs to be taken or complainant informed that further action needs to be taken in order to resolve the matter.
  • Further investigation carried out and appropriate action taken against employees if appropriate.
  • After successful resolution, complainant informed and asked if they require further action taken and whether they are happy with the process and resolution.



  • Case closed. All paperwork filed in Complaints folder or;
  • Complainant advised to review our complaints procedure and contact appropriate agencies.
Reasons for ending the contract

On the part of the resident:

  • By giving the required notice ie 7 days within the trial period or 28 days after the trial period has ended
  • In the event of the resident’s death


On the part of the Home, after the notice period;

  • Your fees are in arrears for at least one month, or
  • You do not pay the correct amount that you are responsible for paying on the due date on a regular basis (for example more than three times in any six-month period) or
  • You break any other material condition of the Resident’s Contract; or
  • If, in our reasonable opinion or on medical or regulatory advice, and following consultation with you or your representative, we cannot give you the level of care you need; or
  • You exhibit behaviour that is reasonably considered by us to be abusive, violent or disruptive; or
  • If you or any of your visitors persistently behave in a way that seriously affects the wellbeing of other residents and staff in the home
  • You are to transfer to local authority or NHS funding and the arrangements for your funding are unduly delayed.


The above list is not exhaustive one.

Trading Name & Contact Details
  • Kingsmount Residential Home is owned by GrayAreas Ltd which is the registered provider.


For the Manager, Pauline Weston, or the Company Finance Manager, Carole Wood, please call 01803 663460.


Please note, Pauline Weston is not currently Registered Manager as she is going through the process.

Latest Food Hygiene Rating

Once again, Kingsmount Residential Home has achieved a 5 star food hygiene rating.

Contents Insurance

The company insurance policy covers £200 for residents’ contents but this does not cover specialist items such as jewellery or laptops. Please obtain your own insurance for valuable or specialist items.

Issues of Choice

On some occasions, the home may be able to accommodate pets – please speak to the manager


If you wish to specify the gender of staff providing care, please speak to the manager, however, please note that we may not be able to honour this depending on which employees are working, and what care needs to be provided. Your safety is at the forefront of what we do.


We encourage all of our residents to make as many choices as they can in their day to day lives. This includes what you would like to eat, when and where; this includes when you would like to get up in the morning and when you would like to go to bed; this includes where and how you would like to spend your day. Our staff will ensure they are tuned to your wishes.

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