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Choosing a care home for your loved one, especially when they have dementia, can be a tricky business. The best way to assess if a home is right for your loved one is to visit to get a feel for the atmosphere, see how well the residents are treated and find out what the staff are like with them.


We’d love you to come and visit Kingsmount to see how we measure up. You’re very welcome to call in anytime. In the meantime, we’ve listed below answers to some of the questions you may have. If there’s anything we’ve missed, please feel free to call us on 01803 663460.

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How do I know they will be well looked after?

We feel the best people to tell you the sort of care your loved one will receive at Kingsmount are those who have experienced it. So, here’s what one of our many grateful families has to say about their loved one’s stay here.


Heather & Mark 


“I don’t know where to start – you are amazing! Really we can’t thank you enough for the care you gave mum – words really can’t say it.


The 15 months she spent in Devon being cared for by all of you were so filled with patience, humour, love and kindness – far beyond what we could have hoped for.


Mum was not always easy, as you know! But she could detect gentleness and warmth a mile off, and the persistent calm kindness you showed her seeped into her, and her barriers dropped, enabling her to receive and give softness and warmth and making her last 15 months a time of increased connection that did her so much good and was so different to the way she had interacted in the preceding years.


Her worsening dementia had increased her guard, but the genuineness and professionalism with which you treated her enabled her to release some of that.


We will always be indebted to you all. I am so happy that she had a good end, and all the effort that was put into achieving that was amazing and humbling.”

What will their room be like?

It’s really important that someone who is living with dementia has familiar surroundings, so they feel calm and relaxed.


We’d love you to bring their own ornaments, treasured mementoes and small furniture items to make their room their own. We’ll even re-decorate it in line with their home decor to truly make it feel like home if you’d like.


All rooms have lovely high ceilings giving a light and airy feel, which contributes to a feeling of calm, as does the sweeping views across the bay that are a feature of many of them.

Who will be looking after them?

Conveying the depth of care and expertise provided at a care home is difficult. After all, everyone says they have brilliant care. We truly believe you’ll find the care your loved one experiences at Kingsmount is the very best available. Here are a few things we hope will demonstrate that:


  • Our team is strong and stable with the majority of staff members being at Kingsmount for many years. We believe this has been a significant contributing factor in Kingsmount and it’s sister home, Mount Olivet, being awarded one of the Top 20 Best Small Care Home Groups in the UK in 2017. With over 21,000 care homes in the UK, that’s not bad!
  • Unlike many care homes in the area our staff turnover is very low. This is particularly important if your loved one has dementia. Changes to routine and personnel can make them anxious and confused. Seeing a familiar and trusted face is reassuring and will ensure that your loved one will be comfortable and relaxed, even when dealing with the more sensitive aspects of personal care.
  • Our staff to resident ratio is much higher than the legal requirement and most other care homes. This, combined with the home’s relatively compact size, means your loved one will get all the personal attention they need. This is simply not possible in larger homes where there are so many residents and staff members that it’s impossible to get to know everyone and develop those all important personal relationships.
  • Please take time to read the comments on the website from the people who really know – the friends and relatives or our residents. They are regularly in the home and see at first-hand how their loved ones are treated. You’ll find several comments on this page and many more on our testimonials page and our reviews page on
  • Families are frequently amazed by the positive transformation in their loved one when they come to Kingsmount, both physically and mentally. Several residents have come from other places with persistent beds sores that our staff have been able to heal and have not re-occurred.
  • If fact, the most common comment we get when someone has moved in and experienced first-hand the great life they now enjoy here is, “I wish I’d done it much sooner!”
  • But don’t just take our word for it. We have an open-door policy and you’re more than welcome to chat with existing residents and their families for a first-hand account of the exceptionally high quality care your loved one will experience at Kingsmount.
What to do now

Usually, the best way to see if Kingsmount is the right home for your loved one is to come and visit. However, due to the COVID19 pandemic, we ask that you call and speak to the manager prior to visiting.


We’d like to invite you on a personal guided tour to really get to know the home. When you arrive, we’ll have a quick, confidential chat about your requirements and then take you around the home to show you all the facilities. Afterwards, you can ask us about anything we haven’t covered, then talk to whomever you please and wander around yourself as much as you like.


We want you to be absolutely sure this is the right home for you, so you and your loved one are also more than welcome to join us for a day to meet everyone, get involved and see what life is like first-hand. Or you can simply join us for lunch and one of the many entertainment sessions if a whole day is not convenient.


To arrange your personal guided tour, please call us on 01803 663460 or click here to email us. The kettle’s always on, and we’d love to meet you!

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