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Moving into a residential care home is a big step for anyone, and you and your loved one are bound to have lots of questions about what their new life there will be like. So we’ve detailed below a few of our most commonly asked questions to help you get a full picture of what they can look forward to.

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Where will my home be?

Somewhere really quite interesting!


If the thought of the new motel-style care home where every room is the same colour and they all look alike leaves you stone cold, then Kingsmount may be just the home for you. Set in a quiet residential cul-de-sac and full of interesting architectural details, the home has a ‘country house in the town’ feel and even comes with its own interesting and mildly salacious history.


It was built in the 1860s in the Gothic style by a well-known architect. Just a few years later, it was purchased by Isaac Singer of sewing machine fame for his mistress. He lived on a nearby private estate in Paignton and even had a tunnel built so that he could come and go undetected!


Inside, the home is spacious without being intimidatingly large. The main communal area is a large conservatory-style lounge (see the virtual tour below) where your loved one will be able to participate in the activities and general socialising. A smaller quiet lounge complements the space and is the ideal place for them to sit and have a chat with the new friends they’ll undoubtedly make.


There’s also a library with a choice of popular print books, audiobooks and DVDs. Adjoining is the quiet lounge where they can sit, read, listen or watch or simply enjoy the peace and quiet. The library also has a nostalgia area (more of which later).


The home retains many of the original period details, which are both attractive and interesting. The decor and facilities are kept to a very high standard by our in-house team. So you and your loved one can rest assured they will always be living in a beautifully presented and cared-for building without any of the hassles of upkeep and maintenance that they’d face with their own property.

Is there a garden?

The home has a completely secure garden with seating areas and tables with parasols, so your loved one will be able to enjoy the lovely fresh air and mild climate that Paignton is blessed with. There’s nothing better than relaxing in the sunshine with a nice cup of tea and a cake and chatting with friends or watching the many birds that visit.


The garden is quite private, and in the summer, we regularly hold tea parties, garden parties and other events which your loved one can enjoy. You’re more than welcome to come along and enjoy it with them too, if you’d like.

What will my room be like?

No two rooms are the same in Kingsmount. There are a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to choose something that is exactly in line with your tastes and budget. All rooms have lovely high ceilings giving a light and airy feel, and many have sweeping views across the bay. Whichever they choose, your loved one’s room will be tastefully decorated and well equipped with everything they need for daily life.


This is their home, so we’d love them to bring their own ornaments, treasured mementoes and small furniture items to make their room feel comfortable and familiar. If they’d like, we’ll even decorate it in line with their personal taste to truly make it feel like home.

How will I spend my day?

There’s never a dull moment at Kingsmount!


If your loved one likes getting involved, there are many activities, visiting entertainers, games, parties and trips for them to enjoy. If they like a little pampering and treats (and who doesn’t?!), we also have regular visits from the professional hair stylist, and all manner of masseurs, aroma therapists and beauticians can be arranged on request for that extra special something.


For those who prefer to exercise their mind, we have the library and the internet. We recently introduced tablet computers which have proved a big hit with many residents discovering new skills and a whole new world of possibilities online. They even use the tablets to do Skype video calls with families when they can’t get in to visit personally. So it’ll always be easy for you to keep in touch whenever you want to.

The library is also home to our special nostalgia area. Here your loved one will be taken on a trip down memory lane by familiar brands and objects from their past. The area is currently a traditional pub and has also been a florist and grocers shop.


Over the years, we’ve had many special requests and wishes, which we’ve been delighted to be able to grant. Recently, for example, the local bikers club visited the home to see one of our residents who had a keen interest in motorbikes but is no longer able to get involved. The bikers brought their bikes along for everyone to see (which caused quite a stir) and spent time chatting with the resident in his room. Perhaps there’s something we could do for your loved one too?


You’ll find more examples of what life at Kingsmount is like by visiting our news and events blog and our Facebook page.

Will I enjoy the food?

Definitely, if you like tasty, home-cooked cuisine.


Head chef Anita and her team prepare a variety of delicious and nutritious meals that will have your loved one eagerly anticipating every meal time. Ingredients are sourced locally, freshly prepared daily and served in our spacious, airy dining room. This is the hub of the home, and everyone looks forward to both the food and the chance to have a natter and a catch-up with friends and staff members.


If your loved one has special dietary requirements, we’ll make sure we accommodate their needs, and there are always alternatives if ever they don’t like something that’s on the day’s menu. Similarly, although Anita takes great care to ensure everything is fresh, your loved one can have whatever they want. So don’t worry about that special hankering for Angel Delight or Heinz Cream of Tomato soup – it’s no problem!


And as Kingsmount continues to maintain its long-held 5 Star food hygiene rating, you can rest assured that all the food is prepared in the safest, most hygienic environment.

What should I do next?

We hope that after viewing our website, you’ll feel that Kingsmount looks like the sort of home your loved one would like to live in. However, there’s no substitute for actually experiencing the atmosphere in the home and talking directly to the staff and residents yourself.


So we’d like to invite you on a personal guided tour to really get to know the home. We’ll take you for a good look around, and afterwards, you can talk to whomever you please and wander around yourself as much as you like.


We want you to be absolutely sure this is the right home for you, so you’re also more than welcome to join us for a day to meet everyone, get involved and see what life is like first-hand. Or you can simply join us for lunch and one of the many entertainment sessions if a whole day is not convenient.


To arrange your personal guided tour, please call us on 01803 663460 or click here to email us.  The kettle’s always on, and we’d love to meet you!

Who will be looking after me?

What we believe to be the best team in the business.


Unlike many care homes in the area, our staff turnover is very low. 40% of our staff have clocked up over five years of service, and many have been here for over 10 years. We believe this has been a significant contributing factor to Kingsmount and its sister home, Mount Olivet, being awarded one of the Top 20 Best Small Care Home Groups in the UK in 2017. With over 21,000 care homes in the UK, that’s not bad!


What this means for you and your loved one is that they will be looked after by a highly skilled, highly trained, expert team who have vast experience in caring for the needs of those in their later years. More importantly, perhaps is that they’ll become trusted friends and companions that your loved one will be comfortable with when dealing with the more sensitive aspects of personal care.


Families are frequently amazed by the positive transformation in their loved one when they come to Kingsmount, both physically and mentally. For example, several residents have come from other places having persistent bed sores that our staff have been able to heal and that have not re-occurred.


In fact, the most common comment we get when someone has moved in and experienced first-hand the great life they now enjoy here is, “I wish I’d done it much sooner!”. But don’t just take our word for it. We have an open-door policy, and you’re more than welcome to chat with existing residents and their families for a genuine account of the exceptionally high-quality care your loved one will experience at Kingsmount.

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