Current Visiting Policy

Current Visiting Policy

Visiting Update Policy – 21st December 2021

With Christmas shortly upon us, we thought we’d update our safe visiting procedure to enable continuing visits for our residents.


The following allows Kingsmount to ensure that visiting arrangements can be conducted safely and in line with the current infection control protocols, it will also allow Kingsmount staff to accommodate fair visiting for all while continuing to provide the day-to-day care our residents need.


Each resident may nominate 3 visitors in line with the latest Government guidance. Up to two people will be able to visit the home at the same time. Children under the age of ten do not count towards this limit but we would ask as far as possible that they also follow our infection control protocols.  Visits can be in the garden, the lounge or the resident’s room.


A mask must be worn on arrival. Every visitor must have a negative LFD test this can be carried out on the same day at home prior to your visit or on arrival at the care home. Once the LFD test has been carried out and evidenced the visitor must wash and sanitise their hands, full PPE including face mask, gloves and plastic apron must be worn at all times during your visit. All visitors must complete a Covid risk assessment and have their temperature checked and recorded before entering the home. Staff will register the test where possible.


Although the visitors are allowed to sit next to their relative and hold hands, visitors should consider this carefully as being close and touching increases risk of infection.


We would ask that visitors do not have contact with other residents to limit the risk of spreading infection.


Essential care giver visitors may also enter the home, again following a negative LFD test and wearing full PPE. An Essential care giver visitor provides care and support to their friend or relative and may enter during times the home is closed to visitors and Government Lock-down upon discussion with the Manager.


Visits in our garden or pod are still available should you prefer. Window visits are also still available. We have had some instances where residents have attempted to stand up to meet visitors at the window. In order to reduce risk of falls, please contact a staff member before knocking the window.


We have put this guidance in place to protect your health and that of your friends and relatives living at Kingsmount.


We have had instances of relatives and visitors removing their face masks. Staff at Kingsmount will monitor visits to ensure all infection control measures are adhered to. Failure to follow PPE rules could put lives at risk and could result in your visit being terminated and jeopardise your ability to book further visits.


Special circumstances visits will remain in place during times that the home is closed to visitors or Government Lock-down. These visits will require a negative LFD test, hand washing, full PPE and all relevant paperwork to be completed. These visits are reserved for residents receiving end of life care or other extenuating circumstances as agreed with the manager.


If you wish to discuss any of the above, please call Brennan during office hours.

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